Watson Chapel School District will not have school on Friday, October 7 for Fall Holiday. We will also continue observing early out Wednesdays. Students will be released early every Wednesday. Please contact your child's campus if you need more information.
about 5 hours ago, Jennifer Howington
fall holiday
CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR HOMECOMING COURT We want to congratulate all of the WCHS Homecoming Nominees! Their academics, contributions to their Wildcat Community, and all-around character are the reason they were nominated…they have made a difference in the minds of their peers. 1. Bynum, Tristyn 2. Anderson, Kaliah 3. Thomas, Tanaesha 4. Buckner, Cha'ron 5. Pugh, Ke'nya 6. Langel, Destinee 7. Clay, Jaycie 8. Arreola, Giselle 9. House, Marte'la 10. Wilkins, Ky'andra 11. Norton, Marika 12. Craig, Latailyn 13. Green, Shanice 14. Courtney-Frazier, Trinitii 15. Lee, Taylinn 16. Mahogany, Emarie
3 days ago, Jennifer Howington
Pandemic EBT address changes. I received the following from PEBT help desk today when checking on ability to clarify/change addresses. Looks like addresses cannot be updated until after cards are mailed, and there is still no word on when that will be. Paula Bailey, pbailey@wcmail.k12.ar.us new phone number 870-515-4090 From PEBT Help Desk: If your children were eligible for the 2021-2022 P-EBT benefits, the child’s information will be forwarded to DHS by the AR Department of Education. If you have moved, we encouraged all parents to update their addresses with the school prior to the end of the school year. Unfortunately, we are not able to change addresses before cards are mailed. You may call our P-EBT Client Assistance line at 833-316-2421 or email us back once the cards are mailed. At this time, we do not have a physical date as to when that will be. Please watch our DHS Facebook page or go to our DHS Website at https://ar.gov/pebt for the most recent information.
5 days ago, Paula Bailey
Watson Chapel High School Cafeteria will be selling Cheese Nachos (Doritos topped with Queso Blanco and jalapenos on the side) on Thursday, September 15th from 11 am - 12:55 pm for $2.00.
19 days ago, Paula Bailey
Nachos with Queso Blanco
DHS PEBT released the following information today: ** They have set up a call center. (See below) ** Cards have not been sent out yet. ** They do not have a date for when cards will be sent out. PEBT CALL CENTER: 833-316-2421 Monday-Friday 9am – 6pm More information is available on DHS website: https://Humanservices.arkansas.gov P-Ebt
25 days ago, Paula Bailey
September 6 - Tonight's football games have been cancelled due to weather.
27 days ago, Jennifer Howington
Our students are excited about learning at Edgewood!
27 days ago, Jennifer Howington
Mrs. Baughman's class performed a science experiment on plant and how the leaves change colors when placed in food coloring and water. The students are enjoying learning about the stem of plants and what its functions are!
27 days ago, Jennifer Howington
class 4
class  2
class 3
Second Chance Breakfast starts tomorrow at Junior High and Senior High School. Second Chance Breakfast is set up so that students who did not eat breakfast in the cafeteria can pick up breakfast between 1st and 2nd period. Students - you may pick up a hot breakfast (tomorrow is chicken biscuit) and juice, or cold (cereal bar, fruit and juice). We also have extra fruit and milk if students want to pick it up. Menu is posted on the WCSD website and app. Rules: 1 - students who already received a school breakfast that day cannot pick up from Second Chance. 2 - Please scan your id, it is faster than typing in your number. 3 - no pushing, shoving, cutting in line. 4 - throw your trash in a trash can not on the floor/ground. 5 - move quickly to class so you are not tardy. If you have any questions, please let me know. Pbailey@wcmail.k12.ar.us
about 1 month ago, Paula Bailey
Fresh, Arkansas grown watermelon for the pre-k and LL Owen students today. We love when we can do fresh, local produce for our students.
about 1 month ago, Paula Bailey
The Salad Bar will open for Watson Chapel High School Students on Monday, August 29th. Students will pick up a salad container at the new A La Carte store and then can build their salad at the salad bar. Students, please remember you must pick up a fruit or a milk to make it a complete meal.
about 1 month ago, Paula Bailey
Free vaccination clinic hosted by Arkansas Children's Hospital will be held on September 10 from 10 am - 1 pm at TOPPS (1000 Townsend Dr., Pine Bluff, AR 71601). Hot dogs and ice cream will be served and school supplies handed out!
about 1 month ago, Jennifer Howington
vaccination clinic
Watson Chapel High School/Junior High Cafeteria will start serving "Dessert Fruit Bowls" on their regular menus. These are made with a sweet breaded cup, strawberries, blueberries and topped with whipped cream and mini chocolate chips. First day on the menu is Thursday, August 25th. Keep an eye out too see when they come to the other schools. The managers got a chance to try the sweet breaded cup for the first time last week.
about 1 month ago, Paula Bailey
Dessert Fruit Bowl
Father Figure Fridays begin next week! See the schedule below and show our students what positive male role models look like! We can't wait to see you on our campuses.
about 2 months ago, Jennifer Howington
father figure friday
Junior High and Varsity football will have their first game on Friday, August 19! Junior High game will begin at 5:30 pm and the Varsity game will begin at 7:00 pm. Come support our Wildcats!
about 2 months ago, Jennifer Howington
There will be no football game on 8/23/2022.
about 2 months ago, Jennifer Howington
Do you know that Cafeteria menus are posted on the Watson Chapel Website and the Watson Chapel App? Last year we sent our surveys and are planning some changes based on your answers: Breakfasts will have a main item, but students can always select cereal or a cereal bar if they don't want the main item. We started making breakfast sandwiches last year and the students really enjoyed them. We will be sure that the first student in the door and the last student in the door both have the same options, so no one is left out from getting what they want. Second chance breakfast will start at the High School and Junior High on August 29th. This year we will have more variety on those menus. For lunches we are working on more fresh items. Last year we introduced our fresh pizza and the students loved it. We are also working to expand lunches at the primary schools so that students will be able to select from 2 main lunch items. We will post about those changes as they are ready to start. We hope to keep the High School Salad Bar open most days. In September we will try opening it for Junior High, but can only keep it open if students are responsible and clean up after themselves. If you would like to be on our Wellness Committee to review menus, or have any comments or suggestions on our menus, please contact Paula Bailey at 870-879-9432 or pbailey@wcmail.k12.ar.us.
about 2 months ago, Paula Bailey
Today is the day! Go to your polling site and cast your vote for Watson Chapel!!
about 2 months ago, Jennifer Howington
choose chapel
Tomorrow is election day! If you're not sure where to vote, visit https://www.voterview.ar-nova.org/voterview and enter your address!
about 2 months ago, Jennifer Howington
where do i vote
Early voting is open at the Jefferson County Courthouse through Monday. Election Day is Tuesday, August 9. 🖤💛🖤💛
2 months ago, Jennifer Howington
I choose chapel